About ZombiePopcorn

Since 2009 ZombiePopcorn has been eating brains all over the virtual world of SecondLife™.

ZombiePopcorn has rebranded under Wayward Events. For more information check out our website by clicking the link.

Jenica Penucca

Founder & Owner ZombiePopcorn & Wayward Events

ZombiePopcorn and its subsidiaries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License, operating independently. Second Life™ is a registered trademark of Linden Labs, Inc. To find out more about Second Life please visit http://www.SecondLife.com.


One thought on “About ZombiePopcorn

  1. HiHi, ZombiePopcorn Team. So I am very excited about this hunt ( I did the last last one and WOW). So was wondering if SL bloggers have the chance to blog about the hunt and so on, like other hunts also do. Hope I am being understandable.

    Hugssss to all and best wishes on the hunt. :]

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