ZombiePopcorn Hunt 2

We’re Baaaaaaaack……

Here comes the ZombiePopcorn Hunt sponsored by http://www.ZombiePopcornSL.com on August 15-30! The first Hunt Item to be found will be at the ZombiePopcorn HQ, which has been relocated to the New ZombiePopcorn or Bust! Sim.  When you arrive at the Sim make sure to tap the ZombiePopcorn Hunt Joiner for a gift & all the hunt info.

Then the hunt is on! You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag. Get ready to head to such stores as Soap Co., Ducknipple, MADesigns, Mudhoney, -Glam Affair-, A-Bomb, Calypso Giano, aDORKable Poses, Blitzed,  Intrigue Co, and many more you know and love!

As you are ending the hunt on August 30th you will end up on the ZombiePopcorn or Bust! Sim, which is home to .:it’s Cake:., thick., Ello Poppet, REPULSE, *Boof., the ZombiePopcorn HQ and several others. Live DJs will be spinning as we host the Hunt Closing Party and Grand Opening of the ZombiePopcorn or Bust! Sim.

For more information or to get a head start, stop over to the ZombiePopcorn HQ and tap the Hunt Joiner. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to whats sure to be one of the best hunts to date!


August 15th ~ 1PM SLT Official Starting of the Hunt

August 30th ~ Closing Party @ ZombiePopcorn or Bust! Sim


#1 Pray to Your Zombie Gods

#2 Slasher Film

#3 Come on Baby Light My Fire

#4 If you can find this salty treat, put it over your head, not on your feet!

#5 Sugar Rush

#6 Danger

#7 Seeing Double

#8 We Love Polka Dots

#9 Baby Maker

#10 This is the Scoop

#11 Welcome to the Carnival

#12 Anrollin, rollin, rollin

#13 Yellow Submarine

#14 What’s a Movie Without Popcorn?

#15 Graceland

#16 Kentucky Dreams

#17 Dust Bunnies

#18 Pheeeww… the couch sticks of  stale popcorn and butter

#19 Toys ‘R Us

#20 I Like Honey

#21 Look Where the Water Flows

#22 Kitty Cat

#23 If You Look Up Me, Just this Once. Baby Won’t Mind.

#24 Don’t get your dress dirty!

#25 Somewhere over the RAINBOW

#26 Stitch Up My Heart

#27 More Coffee Please

#28 Try It Before You Buy It!

#29 I Got Your Info

#30 Relax & Gesturbate

#31 Lean Back as You Snatch This Gift

#32 20 Percent

#33 Don’t Be a Showoff!

#34 Shouldere Sitter

#35 Take a Look in the Mirror

#36 Lego my Eggo

#37 Window Licker

#38 Loud As a Siren

#39 I’m Dope

#40 Shiver me Timbers!*

#41 Look up High, Instead of Low. Do the Zombies Know?

#42 Where is Vee??

#43 I Rub my Popcorn on my Bean

#44 Dress Me Up!

#45 Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

#46 I’m Sleeping like a Baby

#47 Hangin’ Upside Down

#48 Remember to Dot Your I’s & Cross Your T’s

#49 What is Your Nature?

#50 Another Brick in the Wall

#51 No Peaking

#52 Sign Up Here

#53 Watch Out!

#54 Just Vogue

#55 Zombies Like to Gamble With Your Brain

#56 I See You

#57 Hope You’re Having a Rocking Time With This Hunt

#58 Why Don’t You Take a Seat

#59 Lonely Chair in the Field

#60 Which Column is which?

#61 SIgn of the Times

#62 Palm Tree Breeze

#63 Purple Rain

#64 Hey Mr. DJ

#65 Get Packing

#66 Jeweled Beauty

#67 Where’d You Get Those Eyes

#68 There’s Cale on my Finger!

#69 Movie Night

#70 I Do My Zombie Turn on the Catwalk

#71 Light My Lamp

#72 Just Enjoy This Wonderful View

#73 Who Wears Short Shorts

#74 Look Outside

#75 Press Release

#76 Blossoming

#77 Burn Baby Burn!

#78 Step By Step

#79 Hide With Me

#80 Sweet Treats Stay Together

#81 I Like Mike

#82 Don’t Jump!

#83 Powder My Face

#84 Spot To Rest.44 Caliber


.: Acid & Mala Creations:.


aDORKable Poses

Alexohol Fashions




Bliss Couture



[ bubble ]

caLLie cLine


Caroline’s Jewelry

Concrete Flowers



[..::CuCa Designs::..]



Del May

*deviant girls*

Diesel Works Poses & Animations

[doll.] Poses



Effum Ink






Gesturbation Station Creations

-Glam Affair-

[ hoorenbeek ]

Holli Pocket



Intrigue Co.

[-iPoke-] Piercings

.:it’s Cake:.




\\Le’ Boom//

.:* LOULOU&CO *:.

Love Zombie


<< Mannequin >>

MINA Hair fashion

Moq Design





[name pending]



‘No Strings Attached’

Olive Juice


::Para Designs:

PixelDolls in the City of Liome

Plastic Flowers


Rotten Toe

.: SeXXXie GesTures ::.


SIGMA Jewels

Slash Me Poses


Soap Co.

.Sweet Antidote.

The Eat Me Bakery

The sea hole



.:VooDoo Baby!:.

Wasabi Pills

:. WoE .:



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