ZombiePopcorn Hunt 5

They’re Heeeeere…
Here comes the ZombiePopcorn Hunt sponsored by http://www.ZombiePopcornSL.com on October 15th-31st! The first Hunt Item to be found will be at ZombiePopcorn located at Dark Tranquility. When you arrive at the Sim make sure to tap the ZombiePopcorn Hunt Joiner for the group gift & all the hunt info.
Then the hunt is on! You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag. Get ready to head to such stores as SAKIDE, [REPULSE], Zenith Fashion, TART, ~Pepper~, [GLUE INK], FILTHY, and many more you know and love!

And who can forget it’s Halloween time! Join us for our first Annual Costume Contest at Club Zero on Oct. 29th from 8-10 PM SLT. Plenty of ghoulish times, ghastly tunes, and spooky prizes from several of the particiapting hunt stores.

For more information or to get a head start, stop over to ZombiePopcorn and tap the Hunt Joiner. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to whats sure to be one of the best hunts to date!

Hunt Group-secondlife:///app/group/16f2efb4-1d15-e3d2-d4ce-e50a6e52c2be/about

October 15th ~ 1PM SLT Official Start Time
October 29th ~ 8-10PM SLT Costume Contest @ Club Zero
October 31st ~ End day of Hunt


20.Five, [Acide!], ++ANCAYI++, [AQ’s] face tatooos, [arnadi], .::Beauty Killer::., BeLoTe, [ bubble ], :: Caladesi island Co ::, :::C’est la vie!:::, C’est Moi!, CONCRETE FLOWERS, d. Select, -DAMNED-, Death Row Designs, .:: Delusions ::., Diesel Works, Dreamscapes Art Gallery, .:Ducknipple:., ::Duh!::, .:ellabella:., elly, -Epic-, {Fallen Doll}, Faster Pussycat, ___F I L T H Y___S K I N S___, [f] fucifino, — Gawk! —, [GLUE INK], :Hebenon Vial:, – .HoD. -, Holli Pocket, [ILAYA], Indigo Oddities, ::: insanya :::, Insufferable Dastard, [-iPoke-], ::::IrEn::::, Izzie’s, ::JAZUMI::, JeSyLiLO, -J.I.N.X-, [Katsuicide], KHUSH., Kis Kis, KMADD Enterprise, KOSH, {K}Rea, Lemons & Cream, LISP Bazaar, .:*LOULOU&CO*:., Love Zombie, Magnifique Poses, MUDHONEY, *MUKA*, NATURAL BEAUTY, n-creation, >>> NEEDFUL THINGS <<<, [noctis], Nox., [NV], .::ODB::., -paper.doll-, ::Para Designs::, ~Pepper~, ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~, PIN ME DOWN, Pumpkin, *PURPLE POSES*, ::Ragdoll’s cut::, .:[ RatzCatz ]:., =Razorblade Jacket=, Reckless, REPULSE, *Rezipsa Loc*, .roobix., :[ SAKIDE ]:, ~Sassy!~, .:. Seil Xpression .:., [SHUSH], ~SIGMA~, ‘ Skintimate ‘, Soap Co., Something Wicked, .Sweet Antidote., ::SWEET LEONARD::, TART, *TuttiFrutti*, ur.favorite.one, VC DESIGNS, .:villena:., [VIRTUAL/INSANITY], .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :., { what next }, .::YoPulga::. Creations, {Zeery} Color Couture, Zenith Fashion, Zigana, – ZombiePopcorn Brand –

#1 Why so Serious?
#2 Candles in a Cage to Light your Path.
#3 Disturbed? Nah Just Showing Off.
#4 Sit Back and Relax.
#5 Wash your Hands!
#6 Ears Perked.
#7 Tip Top Shape.
#8 I’m Changing. No Peeking!
#9 Beautiful View.
#10 Angelina gets it.
#11 Send a Kiss to the Sky.
#12 Click Poster Outside Middle Entrance for a Hint.
#13 Putrid.
#14 Exactly the Opposite of Expensive.
#15 Okie! I am Scared Now you Got Me! Now Get Me Down!!
#16 Lucie I’m Home!
#17 My Love is a Bit Dirty.
#18 I Have a Craving for Some Dessert!
#19 Keep me Updated.
#20 Burrrr… It’s Cold, You May Need a Jacket!
#21 Light Up This Place.
#22 These Boots are Made for Walking.
#23 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…
#24 I Love the Gifts.
#25 Somewhere between Moby Dick, Oliver Twist and To Kill a Mockingbird you will find what you are looking for.
#26 KMADD Lounge.
#27 Into the Fire.
#28 Monica Loves Zombies & Popcorn, She will do Anything to Hide it from you. When you Find her your Prize will be Close By….
#29 Come get Dressed.
#30 Come and Get Me!
#31 Find the New Couple Winter Wear.
#32 Carnival Necklaces.
#33 After a Fun Night you might be Hugging me ’till Morning.
#34 Birds Love Popcorn.
#35 Skirting the Issue.
#36 … Guarded by the Evil Mushroom.
#37 You can Find me at the Guest Book!
#38 Mmm Pumpkin pie.
#39 Dracula is the Name of our Sim… Dracula is also Where I am Hiding.
#40 Basketweaver.
#41 They Potted me & I’m not sure why that’s Funny
#42 Not your Hun!
#43 You have a Call for You in the Oddities Room!
#44 Oiled Gears.
#45 Group Gifts.
#46 Live on the Edge and you Shall Be Rewarded.
#47 I’m Quietly Hidden behind this Hungry Pumpkin!
#48 Sounds New to Me.
#49 I Need some Water.
#50 I feel Cozy under the Coverlet.
#51 Under your Tongue.
#52 I’m just Sittin’ Back here Waiting to be Unpacked!
#53 Peekaboo…I see you…Do you see me?
#54 Climbing the Walls.
#55 Popcorn Attracts the Spooky Bats.
#56 Round about the Cauldron Go; … Fire Burn, and Cauldron Bubble.
#57 What goes Up and Down but Never Moves?.. Why don’t you Check There?
#58 Quite the Hipster.
#59 Flying with Zombies.
#60 Girly Shopping Bags.
#61 Clawing my Way Out!
#62 Woah Watch for Cheetahs.
#63 Tweet Tweet.
#64 In, Down, Opposite.
#65 3 Floors Up and 1 Floor Down, Hiding in a Corner I’ll be Found!
#66 Please Check the Hintgiver Easel by the Sign.
#67 Thieves never prosper.
#68 Flowers All Around.
#69 Look for the Black and White Dresses.
#70 Don’t Leave it there Too Long – Wet Popcorn doesn’t Taste very well.
#71 Looks like the Zombies have been Here… but I See a Way to get FREE!
#72 You Dropped the Popcorn and it Rolled Underneath one of the Tables!? I am NOT Cleaning that Up!
#73 Peek-A-BOO!!
#74 Happy Halloween!!
#75 I’m Made of Bark and Leaves.
#76 Look in the Window.
#77 Guarded by Little Carnies.
#78 Stairway to Halloween.
#79 The Pumpkin got it!!
#80 Gothic Seating.
#81 What’s New?
#82 Bird Butt.
#83 Detox.
#84 I’m Here!
#85 Goodbye Baby Goodbyee<3
#86 Bundle Up It’s Cold Out!
#87 This Hunt sure is Heating Up!
#88 Nate’s Giving you ‘F*ck Me’ Eyes.
#89 Windows.
#90 Look for it in my Many Pockets.
#91 Tick Tock…… Tick Tock…
#92 It’s Good to be a Girl.
#93 Look Up!
#94 Cheeky Bum.
#95 Don’t be Afraid When you Open this Box!
#97 Watching a Movie on my Computer, and Eating Popcorn.
#98 Redheaded Ladies are Staring at Me.
#99 If you Keep Looking Down, you Won’t See the World!
#100 It’s Freezing Outside.


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