ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6

Here comes the ZombiePopcorn Hunt sponsored by http://www.ZombiePopcornSL.com on February 1st-15th @ 1PM SLT! The first Hunt Item to be found will be at the – Quarantine – Main Store on the Dark Tranquility Sim, which is located next to the ZombiePopcorn Brand. When you arrive at the Sim make sure to tap the ZombiePopcorn Kiosk to be entered into our subscriber and for more info on how to join the in world Hunt Group.

Then the hunt is on! You are searching for the one of a kind ZombiePopcorn Doll in his Red/White striped popcorn bag. Get ready to head to such stores as -paper.doll-, {what next}, – DAMNED – BodyShop, [Pumpkin], JeSyLiLO, SAKIDE, Sweet Leonard, ur.favorite.one, PIDIDDLE, SeVered GarDeN, and many more you know and love!

Start Location
Hunt Group

February 1st – 1PM SLT Official Start Time
February 15th – End day of Hunt

For Pictures of Hunt Items please visit the ZombiePopcorn Flickr. To post your own pictures of items from the Hunt, join the ZombiePopcorn Hunt Flickr Group.

**LMs marked with a ^ are on the same Sim as the store above it.

#1 – Quarantine – Play me a Song.
#2 SAKIDE ^ Did you see the tattoos?
#3 Pin Me Down ^Well this looks new..
#4 d. Select Its very bright in there!
#5 paper.doll Feelin’ Cozy
#6 [ bubble ] Find the light near the Zombie Dresses.
#7 Insanya ^Relax and take a seat.
#8 PURPLE POSES I love my friends.
#9 Sweet Antidote Swim to the back.
#10 * Rezipsa Loc * The cats tend to hide things behind the drapes.
#11 Epic Walk a mile in my shoes.
#12 – DAMNED – BodyShop I feel so lucky!
#13 AD Creations I love theater.
#14 Dreamscapes Art Gallery Please click the Hint Giver under the Hunt Sign.
#15 Aura I’m hiding near the Briar patch.
#16 Fucifino Look on the hillside.
#17 .:ellabella:. I’m under a sexy beast
#18 Skintimate You’ll never go wrong if you head to the right.
#19 Duh! Look at all these wrinkles!
#20 KOSH Maybe its maybelline.
#21 Concrete Flowers Hoot Hooooot.
#22 {what next} Look in the window.
#23 ::Caladesi Island Co.:: Shine your light on me.
#24 [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Loungin’ Around.
#25 MINA A beret is a soft, round, flat-crowned hat, designated a “cap”, usually of woven, hand-knitted wool, crocheted cotton, or wool felt, or acrylic fiber.
#26 BAIASTICE Don’t get stuck between the revolving doors!
#27 PIDIDDLE I feel like some mint chocolate chip ice cream now…
#28 BOOM^That light hurts my eyes!
#29 REPULSE You can’t spell Slaughter without Laughter.
#30 Razorblade Jacket Razor Love.
#31 .evolve. I’ll put you on a bird’s strong wing.
#32 Indigo Oddities Your hearts desire.
#33 AMERICAN BAZAAR Two is company and three is Multitasking
#34 22769 ~ casual couture Slap the Orange Hint Giver on our Events Wall for current hint – it whispers in chat.
#35 [ContraptioN] I, the left of my great nation, am the closest to its heart.
#36 White Widow Birds and butterflies may hang out here.
#37 Magnifique Poses Keep Updated.
#38 pinkmares house Watch out for Spiders and don’t get trapped.
#39 [theSkinnery] Curtains up!
#40 Sticky fingers It’s up there to keep you cool baby….
#41 Soap Co. Left Hand Blue, Right Leg Yellow.
#42 Virtual Decay Heaviest spool of thread.
#43 .:*LOULOU&CO*:. Guitarist.
#44 iPoke Fire Exit.
#45 [GLUE INK] Out in the Wild.
#46 Thistle Homes Welcome!
#47 Diesel Works Poses & Animations Up and to the left!
#48 >>NEEDFUL THINGS<< Elephants love popcorn.
#49 Sweet Leonard Without you I lose my pants.
#50 .::YoPulga::. Sittin’ on the ledge.
#51 DECO Look at this view!
#52 {K}Rea Empty shelves make good hiding places.
#53 Vanilla C. Designs I can’t decide between ruffles or suede.
#54 JeSyLiLo Love that new skin you’re in!
#55 ::C’est la vie!:: I’m just around the corner.
#56 Tea Time Look for a red headed beauty.
#57 Vaya Con Dios Follow the golden boy.
#58 Something Wicked Enjoy the Silence.
#59 [ILAYA] The sun is shining in.
#60 *Tatty Soup* The outhouse is occupied.
#61 Skin Deep/Little Pricks Birds of a Feather….Always seem to Flock Together.
#62 .:.Seil Xpression.:. poses I Love The Gifts.
#63 je suis… Get Cozy for the cold days.
#64 SeVered GarDeN Row, row, row your boat.
#65 ur.favorite.one Want some gum?
#66 Izzie’s You are wanted on the phone!
#67 .: Acid & Mala Creations:. Have a seat, but don’t slip off.
#68 H.LUZZA Lady Gaga will help you.
#69 NHA!^What time is it?
#70 GoK Behind Every Closed Door There’s A Zombie.
#71 Sassy! I think the mannequins are enjoying the popcorn too much…
#72 [Pumpkin] Lets go to the salon.
#73 .:villena:.^Under the table and dreaming.
#74 tentacio Winter has stripped me, but the birds sing in my branches.
#75 MONS Call me tonight.
#76 Label Motion You will love the Swan Lake of Tchaikovsky.
#77 .Insufferable Dastard. Behind the counter.
#78 :pesca: Gardening Time.
#79 Weather! or not? For the birds.
#80 [EY:NO] Lean Out!
#81 :. LuTimez .:^Emptiness.
#82 Mayfly Eye on the Prize.
#83 Gawk! Maybe you will find something in the chaos between all the boxes, cartons and trollies.
#84 ::LC:: Lethal Couture Granny Smith.
#85 Spirit Store Behind the music.
#86 Koketka I love make-up!
#87 finesmith jewelry Tip-toe through the tulps.
#88 Evale Through the looking glass.
#89 C’est Moi! OMG! Zombies in the rafters!
#90 Pocket Mirrors Have a seat and look up!
#91 .::Y&R::. Popcorn eatin’ zombie is watching you from above.
#92 Vestigium Little zombie is trying to sneak in…
#93 Pepper Dogtags are Practical.
#94 Blah. Strike a Pose.  **Congrats! The End.**


One thought on “ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6

  1. That was one of the most enjoyable hunts I have ever been on. Wonderful. Thanks to all who participated. And thank you Zombie Popcorn.

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